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Daphne / Aug 18, 2019
War Pigs are a UK 'variety' guild based on the RP PvP server Zandalar Tribe. We intend to experience WoW Classic to its fullest extent. Our main focus is raiding, however, the guild will create significant opportunity for world PvP, battlegrounds and RP.

Raiding Intentions: Our intention is to complete content on a reasonable timeline, setting objectives that align with Blizzard's phase system. Simply put, this means attempting content as it launches. We summarise our expectations as 'casual but committed'. This means that we are social in our approach to content, recognising lives outside of the game. However, we are fully committed to attempting content as it is fresh and this requires a level of knowledge and desire that we expect our raiding members to have. Please note – it is not a requirement of our guild to raid. Players who intend to be entirely social are extremely welcome, and opportunity will be created for you to raid if you decide to raid casually.

PvP Intentions:
We love PvP: in its competitiveness, its ability to enhance RP situations and for the memorable situations created through world PvP. When Blizzard's Phase 3 rolls around, we will conduct events around Battlegrounds and World PvP more regularly.

RP Intentions:
Guild leadership has an extensive background in managing role-play communities and participating in role-play in many forms. We whole-heartedly encourage all who RP in this guild. We want to make it clear that this is not a necessity to join our guild, only that we will provide space for those who want to be creative with their characters in this way.

Conclusion: We are a fledgling guild looking to create a dedicated and friendly home from home. Joining us this early in the process gives you a chance to mould our guild into something unique.

Add me on Discord for a chat: Ol Dusty#8923.


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